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HSB Textile Sourcing Inc. is a specialist sourcing & buying company established in Pakistan and providing sourcing services in the field of textile & hosiery. Our mission is to create a strong liaison between buyers and factories. We aim for

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Our main services

We are mainly providing services in the following sectors of textile industry.


Sport socks, tennis socks, casual socks, diabetic socks, boot socks, thermal socks, work socks, bobby socks and back to school socks.


All kind of Apparels and garments like, Knitted Boxer Shorts, American Woven Boxer Shorts T shirts, Polo Shirts, Under Shirts, hoodies, boxers briefs, Men’s, Ladies, Kids all kind underwear, thermal wears.


Sweat Pants, Sweat Shirts and Sweat Shorts are also our regular styles.


Terry Towels, bathrobes, bath towels, face towels, pool towels, hooded towels, terry washing gloves.

Bed Sheets

Home Textile, Bed linen, Plain bed sheets, printed bed sheets and embroidered bed sheets.

Medical Items

Water Proof Bed Pads, Molletone Blanket, Fitted sheets, Muslin Cloth.

Baby Products

Baby Scarfs, Baby Cap, Baby Feeding Cloths.


All kind of raw cotton yarn, mélange cotton yarn, dyed cotton yarn, carded yarn, combed yarn for both knitting and weaving. Also can do any kind of twisted or space dyed yarns.