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We have a rich experience of sports socks, Dress Socks manufacturing. More than 30 years we are involved in socks manufacturing and are very well linked with socks industry in Pakistan. Pakistan is very famous in basic 108 needles and 144 needles sports socks manufacturing because of its good quality cotton yarn.
Many good socks manufacturing factories are in Pakistan and making good quality socks in pure cotton yarn, melange yarns, mouline yarns and blended cotton yarns as well as in regenerated yarns. We are offering socks for all the seasons in real heel, pouch heel, y heel, and in tube shape and making crew socks, quarter socks, low cut socks, no show socks and leg warmers as well.
Following are the different socks we are offering to our valued clients.

Sports, Tennis, Athletic Socks

Dress & Formal Socks

Work Socks

Diabetic Socks

Children & Baby Socks

Thermal & Boot Socks

Slouch Socks & Leg Warmers

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